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RI Convention 2023 – Day 2 and 3

Blogging this in the wee hours of my Australia morning as the darkness still hasn’t greeted the day. The last two days of the convention have been packed morning to night with experiences that have filled me with gratitude and hope for the gift of Rotary and its impact on creating hope in the world.Continue reading “RI Convention 2023 – Day 2 and 3”

RI Convention Day 4: Imagining the Future

Author: DGE Juliet Altenburg The RI convention ended today with a closing session that celebrated past achievements and set the course for an exciting future. RIP Shekhar Mehta recounted the strength of Rotary and the continuation of a multitude of successful programs like empowering women and girls, “each one, bring one”, polio eradication, and ourContinue reading “RI Convention Day 4: Imagining the Future”

RI Convention Day 3: Be Bold, Courageous and Intentional

Author DGE Juliet Altenburg Be bold, courageous and intentional were the words of advice given by incoming RI President Jennifer Jones when she addressed a room filled with District Governor Elects and their partners. As a class this was our first in-person time with her after over two years of on-line meetings. My husband RobContinue reading “RI Convention Day 3: Be Bold, Courageous and Intentional”

RI Convention Day 2: Too see a friend, no road is too long

Author: DGE Juliet Altenburg “Too see a friend, no road is too long” stated Dr. Olha Paliychuk, a Ukrainian surgeon who joined the stage at this morning’s general session of the Rotary International Convention in Houston. Dr. Olha described her long journey by bus, train, and plane to speak with us with gratitude as aContinue reading “RI Convention Day 2: Too see a friend, no road is too long”

RI Convention Day One: We are all connected

Author: DGE Juliet Altenburg Today marked the official opening of the RI Convention in Houston, Texas with a 2 hour opening celebration that can only be compared to the Olympics. As 11,000 of us moved our way into the arena, celebratory music played and Rotarians representing every country danced, waved flags, and connected as theyContinue reading “RI Convention Day One: We are all connected”

Greetings from the 2022 RI Convention in Houston, Texas

Author: DGE Juliet Altenburg, D7390 After a 2 year virtual hiatus, the Rotary International Convention is gearing up for the start of a great week of reconnection, learning and inspiration! Never been to an RI Convention? It’s not your run of the mill conference! For my husband Rob and I it is our third, andContinue reading “Greetings from the 2022 RI Convention in Houston, Texas”