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Welcome to the District 7390 Blog – a place to celebrate the members and initiatives of District 7390!

Without a doubt, 2020 was a year we will never forget. In March the world as we know it changed due to COVID-19. What we thought would be a minor bump in the road continues to challenge us in ways we are still navigating. Masks, social distancing, Zoom, hand sanitizer gels, and empty grocery store shelves are just a few events that are now facets of everyday life.

COVID-19 wasn’t the only challenge that pushed us to see the world differently. Political and social unrest mounted throughout the year starting with an escalation in mass shootings, the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and a tumultuous election. Despite the enormity of it all, we as Rotarians paddled our boats forward as we continued to place “service above self”.

We pivoted quickly from in-person to on-line events whether it was club meetings, education, social gatherings, or fundraisers. We started new initiatives to serve the community. Area food banks were supported financially. Rotarians donated time to nursing homes, and sick members were showered with cards and care packages. Clubs started community gardens to supply food for needy neighbors. And the list goes on…

That list is the focus of this blog which celebrates the creativity and generosity of our clubs. It will be an oasis of sorts to showcase what brought us to Rotary and keeps us there. It will feature stories from our club members on people who inspire them, service activities that brought a smile to our neighbors, and innovative ways our clubs make their communities a better place. Have a story to share? Email it to D7390blog@gmail.com. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog by inserting your email in the subscribe area below. Happy 2021! Looking forward to sharing, growing and serving together in the year ahead.

District 7390 Essay Winner Sophie Ahrens’ describes how the Four Way Test saves her life every day

On Sunday, May 2nd, 2021, Sophie Ahrens, student at Red Lion High School, read her winning essay to the Zoom audience as part of the tri-district Rotary Conference. We were all incredibly moved by her courage in sharing a deeply personal story of how the Four Way Test literally saves her life. Here is herContinue reading “District 7390 Essay Winner Sophie Ahrens’ describes how the Four Way Test saves her life every day”

Saluting PDG Benjamin A Hoover, II, MD, FACP on his 50th Rotary Anniversary

The Pre-Rotary Years Ben was born on September 24, 1937, at York Hospital.  He grew up in Dallastown, and graduated from the Mercersburg Academy (1955), Princeton University (1959), and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1963). Ben and Anne were married on June 22, 1963. On completing an Internship and Internal Medicine Residency atContinue reading “Saluting PDG Benjamin A Hoover, II, MD, FACP on his 50th Rotary Anniversary”

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